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Hi, I am Mark, a forever curious soul, constantly exploring the realms of materials and styles to bring unique ideas to life. Growing up surrounded by different cultures and later with my family in Mexico, I was immersed in a world of vibrant culture and rich architectural heritage. From an early age, I found inspiration in the captivating history and diverse architectural marvels that adorned the country. However, my passion for travel has taken me far and wide, immersing me in the diverse architectural wonders of various cities, particularly Italy, which now influences my versatile design approach. Drawing from my multicultural experiences, I blend elements from different cultures and aesthetics to craft spaces that tell stories and evoke feelings.


In my designs, I prioritize both the space and the user, striving to create environments that are not only functional and efficient but also resonate with the emotions and ideas of those who inhabit them. Nature plays a pivotal role in my design philosophy, and I often incorporate natural elements such as marble, bamboo, clear-finished oak, and quartzite to establish the serene beauty of the outdoors in indoor spaces, fostering a sense of harmony and tranquillity.


Outside of design, I find joy in nurturing tropical plants, exploring architectural monuments, and expressing myself through drawing. Inspired by the elegance of Alphonse Mucha and the Art Nouveau movement, my sketches often reflect the intricate beauty of nature and the human form. I'm also an avid reader, constantly seeking inspiration from literature to infuse into my designs. Whether it's a classic novel or a contemporary essay, I believe that every story holds the potential to spark new creative ideas.


So let's create something extraordinary together and embark on a journey of exploration and expression, where every space becomes a canvas for storytelling and every design decision is infused with intention and meaning.